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Photo Art Direction

On-set art direction for photography prep and shoots maximized visual appeal across all deliverables.

Digital Design

Evergreen Gift Guide

The purpose of this project is to create a year-round gift guide to better promote the concept of jewelry gifting on site. At a high level, the gift guide has categories or groupings of gifts, with 4 sub-categories in each grouping, each with a corresponding image.

E-mail Design


Ritani’s promotional emails are seasonally-themed and targeted a specific audience. I create campaigns and promotions based on data and metrics collected by the customer acquisition team. Graphics are tested for efficiency and strength campaign by campaign.

Digital Design

Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday gift guide focused on a mix of content and product collection modules, each corresponding to a different holiday themed lyric or phrase. The guide features types or categories of products to make customer’s options seem much less daunting.