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Photo Art Direction

Working at a jewelry company has given me the opportunity to do all kinds of fun and glamorous campaigns. Some of my favorite parts of a campaign are in the conception and execution of the photography and styling.

Evergreen Gift Guide

The purpose of this project is to create a year-round gift guide to better promote the concept of jewelry gifting on site. At a high level, the gift guide has categories or groupings of gifts, with 4 sub-categories in each grouping, each with a corresponding image.

Email Marketing Design


Ritani’s promotional emails are seasonally-themed and targeted a specific audience. In my role I designed and art directed campaigns and promotions based on data and metrics collected by the customer acquisition team. Graphics are tested for efficiency and strength campaign by campaign.


Increase open rate and unique click through
Decrease unsubscribe rate
Build a strong customer relationship


A more effective, easy-to-scan visual hierarchy
Intuitive and dynamic mobile-friendly format
Clean and clear calls to action