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Photo Art Direction

Working at a jewelry company has given me the opportunity to do all kinds of fun and glamorous campaigns. Some of my favorite parts of a campaign are in the conception and execution of the photography and styling.

Digital Design

Evergreen Gift Guide

The purpose of this project is to create a year-round gift guide to better promote the concept of jewelry gifting on site. At a high level, the gift guide has categories or groupings of gifts, with 4 sub-categories in each grouping, each with a corresponding image.

UX & Visual Design

Wedding Rings Guide

The purpose of this new page is to provide an organized jumping off point for a variety of wedding product landing pages. The page has to have 6 modules that will outline all the information that a new customer might need before converting.

E-mail Design


Ritani’s promotional emails are seasonally-themed and targeted a specific audience. I create campaigns and promotions based on data and metrics collected by the customer acquisition team. Graphics are tested for efficiency and strength campaign by campaign.