In the process of the website full rebrand, one of the pain points for the customer is the current website header. Current user relies on navigation first because it’s easier and faster to click on links than to use search. However, because there are so many links, and it’s poorly organized, the customer deterred from using links.


The redesign header should boost user engagement with the header, and increase user engagement with the main links. Main Header Navigation should be intuitive and predictable. Both new and returning users should be able to figure out how to move through the website with ease.

  • Prioritize consistency
  • Clear interactions
  • Avoid deep navigation
  • Responsive compatibility

Contact Us Dropdown

One of the business goals is to inform the various ways to contact the customer service and the information needed to be placed prominently in the header and ensures that these messages are shown to all visitors across all pages. An easy-to-find phone number can boost conversion because people feel comforted that, if they need help, they can call.

Customer Service
Group 5

Dropdown Login

The main purpose is to avoid waiting to load a separate page in order to log in. But using a drop-down increases user experience, as the user has the possibility to log in immediately. The user can log in on the same page they’re on without having to wait for the system to respond and without having to visually process a completely different page. This user interface solution eliminates two unnecessary steps in the user’s login task, resulting in a faster login for the user.

Dropdown State

Minicart Dropdown

Minicarts give users quick, but limited, access to information about what is in the cart. Key features of the mini cart include:
Displaying completed ring split in setting and diamond. It’s essential to show setting details like metal and ring size and also separate pricing for each so the user is given the opportunity to go back and make a change.
One of the business goals is to inform the user about the free in-store preview service.
Let users easily remove items, it is essential to provide them with a quick and easy way to remove items from their cart.


Choose Your Country and Currency Dropdown

Dropdown lists are great – you can put a healthy amount of information in your form without cluttering the entire page. Dropdown served as a great solution for the Choose Your Country feature.


Mobile Header

Mobile Header Wireframes