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The current Design Your Own Ring customer journey experience is dated and presents numerous distractions that detract from guiding the customer through Ritani’s conversion funnel and eventual ring purchase. With these improvements, the Ring Configurator behaves as a single-page app while using sliding transitions to access diamond and engagement ring search pages and retaining any previously selected configuration options as the customer moves through the configuration user experience.


Through improving the customer’s Ring Configurator experience, Ritani aims for the following 5 objectives:

  • Improve Add To Cart conversion
  • Improve general conversion
  • Improve Add To Wish List engagement
  • More effectively target Millenial buyer demographic
  • Be competitive



Visual Identity

Our visual identity says as much about us as our brand voice and the two always work in harmony. Our color palette is composed of our primary gold and supported by dark blue. White backgrounds and open space play important roles in our visual communication. White serves as a clear canvas that allows our colors, text, and imagery to stand out. White also brings a clean, modern sensibility to our look and enhances the presentation of the user interface.

Business Case

The nature of stone and setting inventory browsing can raise a substantial barrier to conversion because of the steps involved, difficulty in evaluating and comparing assembled selections, luxury pricing, and the indecision generated by symbolic, emotionally weighted choices. To overcome these barriers, Ritani must continuously seek to improve and simplify customer pain points in order to derive the maximum value from customer visits to

Mobile Experience

By improving the Ring Configurator experience, Ritani stands to realize substantial improvements in positive website content engagement subsequence choices to add inventory to wish lists, Free In-Store Purchase and Purchase carts thereby increasing the potential for actual bottom-line revenue generation with each increase to key steps in Ritani’s conversion funnel.


Replacement of existing Ring Configurator workflow with improved workflow including:

  • Single Page experience on either desktop or mobile devices with responsively designed interface.
  • Utilization of sliders, pop-ups and other animation transitions will delight and entice customers to quickly assemble configurations without distraction or competing calls to action.
  • Simpler and clarified onscreen representation of key diamond & setting characteristics, imagery & video content.
  • Easier pathways to Wishlist options and add to FISP and Purchase Cart choices.
  • A/B Split Testing of new workflow behavior against legacy workflow behavior.